Welcome back.....

Welcome back home – to hear the beloved hymns of yesterday!  Welcome back home – to hear the compassionate and dynamic messages of Rev. Harold Kilpatrick and many other servants of God who brought us the Word at the Buford Highway Baptist Church in Doraville, Georgia!  Welcome back home – to that sweet, sweet spirit we enjoyed as family!

Over these past 30 years, that family has disbursed to fill places of service in many places across America and around the world.  Leaving that familiar home on Buford Highway, we now sing new songs in new places and hear sermons from new messengers.  But in our heart remains that sweet spirit of family and love for one another.

This website is dedicated to that spirit that still binds us together.  Our prayer is that it will give you many smiles – and laughs – and yes, it may bring a few tears too.  Sing along!  “Open your Bibles” – as Pastor Kilpatrick said as he began almost every sermon. 

Over the next year or more, additional services and other menu options will be added online from the 250+ tapes and documents gathered and being processed.  If you have a tape you don’t see listed, photographs you’d like to make available, comments or corrections, please contact us. 

When Phil Anderson recorded these services in the 1970s, none of us had any idea of the technology that would one day deliver those wonderful sounds literally around the world – simply by pressing a key on a computer!  May that technology take this website and make it part of the fulfillment of prophecy that precedes the return of Jesus Christ – that “the gospel must first be preached to all the nations. (Mark 13:10)”   And as John wrote the last words of Revelation, we also say, “Even so, come, Lord Jesus!”  Amen!